• Brookie

1st Dec 1941 - 1st Day in Post as C.I.G.S.

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Left Ferney Close at 08:00hrs for my first day's work as CIGS. Arrived at the WO at 09:15hrs, read telegrams and was briefed by DMO and DMI for Chiefs of Staff meeting. 10:30hrs Chiefs of Staff meeting till 12:15hrs when we were sent for by PM to 10 Downing Street. There we discussed advisability of moving into Thailand Penninsula prior to any move by Japan. Decision being to wait till we are certain that USA comes in. Bruce [High Commissioner] and Page [Special Envoy] also turned up to represent Austrailian outlook. Not a pleasant one, with talk of withdrawal of Austrailian troops from Syria and cruisers from Mediterranean. Finished meeting at 13:30hrs. Afternoon prepared my briefs for 18:00hrs Cabinet meeting when I had to give resume of the week's fighting in Lybia, Abyssinia and Russia. Meeting lasted until 19:30hrs. At 21:30hrs another COS meeting to complete what we had not done this morning. This lasted 'till 00:30hrs. Dudley Pound the slowest chairman I have ever seen. (Brookie didn't know how ill Admiral Pound actually was at this point in time).

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