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The Brookes Spend A Day At The NVR

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Over the weekend of 5th October 2019 Lord and Lady Alanbrooke spent a very pleasant day at the Nene Valley Railway.

During the day we met lots of exsisting friends and made lots of new friends.

We spent a few hours with the HM King George VI and the Roayl Family (although they were incognito).

Even Field Marshals need a kiss when departing for France.

We even managed to steal a kiss as I departed on the train (well at least that was the impression aimed at by the photographer).

After our little train trip, avoiding be taken prisoner at Rene's cafe by a detachment of Germans down the line, whilst we were enjoying a lovely cup of tea and a slice of cake. We returned to Wansford for another cup of tea and to explore the many traiders' stands and try not to spend to much, however, Lady Alanbrooke did manage to find a lovely skirt in perfect condition. Then on to talk to the reenactors at their fantastic displays. This is where we discovered His Majesty disguished as a Motor Cycle Dispatch Rider, well I suppose it is one way of seeing your realm rather than just smelling fresh white paint. lol

The King may be able to hide in a crowd but nothing escapes the eye of the CIGS.

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